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the best parks of Kenya

Nakuru national park main gate

Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National park is another important park in Kenya, considered birdwatching paradise with over 400 species of birds and famous for the Flamingos seasonal presence, it offer many more, like lions and leopards but even the white rhino. In 2014 after big rains the water level is raised, many years will be necessary for to see the lake at the usually level. The flamingo presence is compromised because the water level, so is necessary to go in lake Bogoria if you want to see the big flamingos colony . We suggest anyway to visit Nakuru because even with the water problem remain a very nice park .

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Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park

The Nairobi National Park is the only national park in the word where you can sight the lion close the skyscrapers. Established in the 1946 it was the first park created in Kenya.
Many people think is not important park and sure, if you compare with Masai Mara obviously there is no story, but we suggest to considerate the visit specially if you want to visit it from the town, this park is important and many are the animals present, just the elefant is not present. Is possible to have a walking safari and even visit the orphanage.

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Kenya safari Masai Mara crossing at Mara river, this is the moment of jumping inside the water for cross the river

Masai Mara National Reserve

How to tell about Masai Mara, difficult to find words not already writed, anyway we try to do, is a National Reserve created in the 1961, the area is around 1500 According with the name of the reserve this area is populated by the Masai Tribe, probably the more famous tribe in Kenya, when the reserve was created the Masai are moved by the reserve area and was been assigned them all the land around the reserve. In the reserve are present many mammals wilde animals, the more famous are the big five but you can see even the jackals, warthogs, hyenas, crocodile, Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelle, hyppo, cheetah, serval, caracal, genet, elan, impala, topi and zebras, and the list is not complete! But the biggest attraction is the great migration, more than 1.5 million animals like Wildebeests zebras and gazelles move from Serengeti every year around July  to Mara plain and come back to Serengeti around October .

Someone think will be good only during migration visit Masai Mara, but is not true, every season is good even rain season, with a good driver, the safari satisfaction is warrantied, considerate in the rain season the rain in rarely during whole day and even the climate changing have reduced the rain. Over the big five is possible to see very interesting big cats like cheetah or serval and caracal. Accommodation is possible everywhere inside or outside the reserve (we’ll dedicate appropriate post at the Masai Mara accommodation) and even for all the customers, from campsites to the luxury Lodge and camps. For better understanding we can tell this, Masai Mara with Serengeti is the more important African ecosystem, they are bordering and the great migration interesting the two parks together. Don’t miss our photo gallery dedicated to Masai Mara.

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Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo National Park

The Tsavo National Park is divided in two main branches, Tsavo East and Tsavo West, the limit is the Nairobi Mombasa road. This two parks have different habitat and they represents the biggest national park of Kenya. Big five are present but characteristic are the red elefants, red because the soil of Tsavo is red and when the elefant use this soil for to protect from the insects, they become completely red. Tsavo is close the coast so is the preferred park of the resort’s clients. We suggest to join Tsavo at Amboseli National Park for a very nice safari. Even from Tsavo West is possible to see the mount Kilimanjaro You can book here our suggested Lodge or camps

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For more information about this park please follow this link Tsavo East National Park

Amboseli National Park


Amboseli, lies at the foot of Africa’s highest mountain, the Mount Kilimanjaro (5895m) , Amboseli National Parks is one of the two premium park in Kenya with Nakuru National Park. It is situated at some 240 km South-east of Nairobi. Gazetted a National Park in 1974 in order to protect the core of its unique ecosystem, it was declared a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve in 1991. It covers only 392 sq km but despite its small size and its fragile ecosystem, it supports a wide range of mammals (well over 50 of the larger species) and birds. 
Amboseli encompasses five main wildlife habitats: acacia woodland, rocky thornbush country, swamps, marshland and the quintessentially East African open plains, extending as far as the eye can see. A part of the park is covered by a Pleistocene lake basin, now dry. Within  this basin is a temporary lake, Lake Amboseli, which is usually dry, but when the heavy rains return so do theflamingos and the whole surrounding area becomes green and lush again. Swamps and springs, fed by underground rivers from Kilimanjaro’s melting snows, form permanent watering places for the wildlife through times of drought. These permanent waters support large elephant and buffalo herds, as well as the resident hippos. Wildebeests, zebras, giraffes and impalas graze the grasslands, hunted by predators including lions, leopards, caracals, cheetahs, jackals, spotted hyenas and servals. Over 400 bird species have been recorded in the Amboseli area. 
The park is also renowned for its enormous elephant herds: the elephants of Amboseli have also been made famous by the work and wildlife documentaries of Dr.Cynthia Moss and the Elephant Trust, who have studied the elephants for over 30 years. Protected by the presence of tourists and researchers, the Amboseli elephants have led an unusually natural existence, hence this is one of the few places where you will see elephants of all ages in the population, including the iconic old bulls with their long tusks.
It is also the home of the Maasai people, those tall, proud nomads whose legendary prowess in battle and single handed acts of bravery in fights with wild animals has spread across the globe. Perhaps more than any other community in Kenya the Maasai have learned to live in complete harmony with their environment and the wildlife which surrounds them. All round the park are occupied and abandoned manyatta – Maasai villages – quickly built out of bent poles and sticks and plastered with cow dung and equally swiftly abandoned when the grazing is finished and the herds must move on.
People from other parts of the country have settled here attracted by the successful tourist-driven economy and intensive agriculture along the system of swamps that makes this low-rainfall area one of the best widlife-viewing experiences in the world.

You should visit Amboseli alone or together with another park like Tsavo, for example, so you can switch from Nairobi to the coast and split the journey into shorter transfers.

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Aberdare National Park


Aberdare National Park is a beautiful mountain park, very different from the others Kenya’s parks, in Aberdare the animals sighting is a very big emotion, not easy to see but when you see is fantastic. Particular view is the elefant, is possible to see this big animal in the forest on the the mountain slopes in position where you can belive they can stay. Beyond elefant is possible to see leopards, black rhinos, buffalos and gazelles .
This park located at the north of Nairobi on the Aberdare mountains, is become famous because when Queen Elizabeth was in the park when she was informed about the death of his fater King Giorgio VI and she was in the Tree Top Lodge.
We suggest to visit in Aberdare specially if you join whit Samburu park or Ol Pejeta concervancy, there is not a five stars accommodation in Aberdare but is possible to stay in very comfortable lodge, so book now for visit Aberdare.