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Mara River Crossing

The Great Migration

The Great Migration Map

The Great Migration

In Kenya and Tanzania every year is possible to see the Great Migration Of Wildebeests, although thousands documentaries, many people don’t know what is, so we can try to explain shortly. Many people think Great Migration  is around August, yes is true but only in Kenya, you need to know the migration is during all the year so even the other months it’s possible to see the migration you need to follow the migration like the wildebeests follow the rains. For to understand the migration we try to follow the circuit they do, according with the logic ask, we establish the beginning with the born of the Wildebeests, because this is event inside event.

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Wildebeests in January regroup in the Lake Ndutu area, located in South Serengeti in Tanzania, the born event is around fifteen or twenty days, in this small time almost all the pregnant wildebeests gives birth. This event is in the logic of the herd, if they born all together the predators can’t compromise the survival of the herd because they are a lot, many will be killed by lions or hyenas or cheetah but many more will survive, so this permit the herd surviving. For people who never see migration or didn’t safari, we want to say we are talking about the more big event of the world wild animal, the herd is between 1.5 and 1.8 million animals and beyond the wildebeests there are even zebras and Grant’s and Tomson’s gazelles. So you imagine this quantity of animals regrouped in some square kilometers, all this pregnant wildebeests and the predators looking around waiting the best moment to assault the babies, is apocalyptic scenery? Yes is it, and many time when you looking this, your heart is painful, but this is the nature and is important don’t interfere. More important is, when you will be there and you’ll fill compassion, you’ll ask to yourself if that is right, ask yourself what we can do as human for to protect or at least don’t destroy the world wild animal?

Coming back to our migration, after the birth event ,the herd start to move in the north direction, in this movement the herd is not compact, is divided in many small or medium herds, any herd can be up to around eighty thousands wildebeests, and they occupy a large space. The migration is slow and in the same time the animals graze and eat the abundant grass growth with the rain.

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 In this first step the period don’t change a lot, but the speedy of movement of the herds depend from many factors and the more important is the rain, so is difficult to say when exactly they will be in center/north Serengeti,   approximately is May. At this step the herds moves in more directions but ever looking North and they arrive slowly in the Grumeti  area and the border from Tanzania and Kenya, is arrived the more important moment for photographers and tourists, the Grumeti and Mara crossing.

Close Grumeti and Mara rivers they can stay even more time waiting the moment when his instinct will push the first wildebeest to jump, after him all the herd jumps included zebras and gazelles. Like the birthing event the jumping have the same mechanism, Nile crocodiles in the river and lions and cheetah in the other riverside waiting them, but if they cross all together only small can 0be killed by predators and the survival of the herd is guaranteed.


The moment arrive from the beginning of June and the first half of August, impossible to know when, scientist even don’t know exactly, yes the reins have big impact in the movement but is not only that.

When you see for the first time the crossing is an incredible emotion, difficult to forget, the jump, the long crossing, the crocodile attack, you are inside the documentary but you are not in front of a television, it’s the reality.

Another danger moment is passed and now the herds move around Masai Mara where they stay up around September October when will start the return in Serengeti. Again they cross Mara and Grumeti rivers and then pole pole ( slowly slowly in Kiswahili) they comeback at the South Serengeti in the Lake Ndutu area, so now you can understand way at the beginning I talked about “circuit”, it’s a ring and the wildebeests do perennial movement.

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How to visit Kenya – Security Suggestions

Nairobi National ParkTo travel in Kenya is not different than traveling in any other country, Kenya is East Africa’s country, it’s peaceful and lovely. But like everywhere in the world is necessary to be careful and follow the normal rules of attention. First is better to visit the internet site of your country dedicate at the security in the world for travelers, usually they write if one specific country have problems, notice and the suggested attentions need to have. After your country recommendations we can say this, the safari destinations are all safe, all the parks are safe and generally even the roads who connect the parks are normally safe. Areas where to be carefully and if is not necessary better don’t go, is all the area north bordering Somalia, Kenya Government is working for peace in the area especially now after the Somalia elections.

In Nairobi some places like slums and the north east suburb is better don’t go for the risk of assault by common criminals, in the rest of the city generally there aren’t problems but better don’t go alone and use taxi in your movements, is not difficult lose the correct direction and arrive in not safe zone.

In the Lake Turkana zone if you want to go do it but we recommend you to use company with big and proved experience, is too far, the road is bad and some small problems can happen along the way.

In the coast be carefully in Mombasa, some areas of the town are not very safe and are valid the same recommendations of  Nairobi. Diani, Kilifi, Watamu e Malindi are safe there aren’t particular problems, Lamu is safe but is better to go in Lamu by flight don’t use the road, some places of the road from Malindi are dangerous, unfortunately Lamu is not very far from the Somalia border and this have contribute to stop the mass tourism, but if you go by flight there is no problem.

Last thing is to recommend you to appear simple traveler, don’t show money or things like gold Rolex, some tourists they paid hardly this lightness, even to go with big camera with big lens is a resistless attraction for criminals, this recommendation is valid for Nairobi Mombasa even if you pass only, and the other towns where you remain more days. Classic is the to remain without phone in the traffic jam in Nairobi, if you are with the window open and you are using the phone when your car is stopped in the traffic, your phone will change owner quickly, same thing for the handbags of ladies, being not hungry, remember is your mistake being not carefully where is a must.

We remember you is necessary to  ask visa before to arrive in Kenya, visit the official site by to obtain visa for Kenya and follow instructions.

Visit Kenya, is beautiful and peaceful country

Nairobi Skyline

Kenya recommendation by UK Foreign Commonwealth Office

Today we write about Kenya security and we do talking about the UK recommendation.

The Foreign Commonwealth Office have removed all the recommendation regarding the coast area specially about Diani, Mombasa, Kilifi, Watamu, Malindi and Lamu/Manda Island. This touristic towns are considered safe, but we need to explain are safe the towns maybe are not safe the suburb areas, is the case for example of Lamu, is considered safe but they strong recommend to arrive at destination by flight and not by road, in fact the travel by road cross many areas unsafety like Tana river area, or the Lamu county (not Lamu Town or Manda Island ) .

Other areas where is recommended to keep attention are, the eastern area of Nairobi and Garissa county plus all the Kenya/Somali border within 60 kilometers.

Curfew is on from 6.30 Pm up to 6.30 Am in Mandera County.

FCO specify about the Kenya National Park, are all safety, in fact any park was affected of attack or menace so is considered safe.

The travel advice describe also many attentions must to be observed and even some important links for British residents.

Finally is tight recommended to take out complete travel and medical assurance before travel.

Our consideration is the Uk FCO advice travel is realistic and we suggest to follow the recommendations

You can see the Foreign Commonwealth Office here

Malindi international airport

Malindi international airport situation

News from Malindi Airport, Kenya Airport Autority said the phase one of the project International airport expansion is arrived at 85%, In this phase  is expected the construction of the new ultra-modern terminal building, can serve up 500 passengers. In the second phase is expected the enlargement of apron, the new one will can guest ut to 4 class C aircrafts. The Govern is acquiring the lands out of the airport property, this will permit the construction of a new modern Service Center and the new parking area and so on.

The tourism business companies of the cost and especially the Italians, hopes this big operation will contribute to help the development of coast tourism hardly hit in the last years. The Malindi international Airport project, is part of more big project in the coast by Govern, another big challenge is in fact the port of Lamu, considered of strategic importance.


New ultimate luxury cabin for Qatar Airways

Quatar Airways introduce Qsuite, a new style for the business class cabin, more exclusive, more privacy starting from the windows seats, where is possible to have your really private space, all the spaces are separated by the door and this is a real innovation in the luxury travel.


Another innovation is the quad cabin, four seats facing designed for who need for example have workgroup private up to 4  people, or for to have a private flight with your family.

Perhaps will be very appreciate the comfort and privacy of the fully lie double bed, the not disturb indicator will permit you to rest quiet.


Enjoy your travel with Qatar Airways.