Aberdare National Park is a beautiful mountain park, very different from the others Kenya’s parks, in Aberdare the animals sighting is a very big emotion, not easy to see but when you see is fantastic. Particular view is the elefant, is possible to see this big animal in the forest on the the mountain slopes in position where you can belive they can stay. Beyond elefant is possible to see leopards, black rhinos, buffalos and gazelles .
This park located at the north of Nairobi on the Aberdare mountains, is become famous because when Queen Elizabeth was in the park when she was informed about the death of his fater King Giorgio VI and she was in the Tree Top Lodge.
We suggest to visit in Aberdare specially if you join whit Samburu park or Ol Pejeta concervancy, there is not a five stars accommodation in Aberdare but is possible to stay in very comfortable lodge, so book now for visit Aberdare.